We love pets in all shapes and sizes and offer a full range of grooming services to keep them looking and feeling their best.

cute corgi getting a bath

Includes a bath, dry, coat brush,
nail trim, paw pads, glands expression,
ears and sanitary area cleaning.

  • Small (under 25lbs) | $30+
  • Medium (26lbs-40lbs) | $40+
  • Large (41lbs-60lbs) | $50+
  • Extra Large (61lbs-80lbs) | $60+
  • Giant (81lbs+) | $70+
Full Groom

Includes all services that
come with the Fluff-n-Puff
plus a haircut.

  • Small (under 25lbs) | $50+
  • Medium (26lbs-40lbs) | $60+
  • Large (41lbs-60lbs) | $70+
  • Extra Large (61lbs-80lbs) | $90+
  • Giant (81lbs+) | $100+
a la Carte

We provide various services a la carte. Need something else, like a blue mohawk on your poodle? Just contact us to discuss. We're happy to take care of your pet.

  • Brush Teeth & Enzyme | $10
  • Trim & File Nails | $10-$15
  • Polish Nails | $15-$20
  • Color | $20+
  • Express Anal Glands | $5-$10

+ Prices subject to change due to weight, difficulty, de-matting, specialty cuts and/or other services.

"Brought my guy here to get him nice and clean after quarantine and let me tell you, it was worth the money! Lisa was great and she did a great job! My dog came out with almost no hair falling off (if you own a husky you know this is a big deal)...Prices are great as well!."
beautiful blue-eyed husky looking straight at camera

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